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Mandela Concrete in Wichita Falls, TX, provides high-quality concrete work that meets and exceeds all state code, local code, and workmanship requirements for our customers. The customer satisfaction we have created over the years is our priority and we strive to maintain it. The company's principal activity is to produce and provide concrete-related services focusing mainly, but not solely, on both commercial and residential concrete in the Wichita Falls area. Call today about our driveway repair services!

Our Concrete Services

We provide structural residential and commercial concrete services, flat work, paving, excavation, grading services, decorative concrete, restoration and refinishing, and a variety of related services to the Wichita Falls, TX, community and surrounding areas. At Mandela Concrete, our customers include general contractors, home builders, home owners and business owners who focus on concrete service quality that has the reputation of consistency and fair pricing.

Wichita, TX's Mandela Concrete is capable of accomplishing a variety of concrete flatwork with our experienced and knowledgeable team. The right flatwork job can transform the look of your home or business.

Concrete finishes are the least expensive of the decorative concrete options. All of the finishes are completed by the finisher and they do not require any added materials.

This is a great way to create the look of more expensive materials without losing the natural, authentic look. Great for patios, driveways, pool decks, and other areas.

Along with pouring your initial commercial or residential foundation, Mandela Concrete specializes in building and installing pergolas.

Your Satisfaction is Our Priority

Our goal is to grow a company that is dedicated to providing its customers quality concrete services at competitive prices. The services that we offer include all types of concrete such as decorative, structural, paving and limited access concrete piers.

Decorative Stamped Concrete

Stamped Concrete

Great for patios, driveways, pool decks, and more!

Stamped concrete has become extremely popular with homeowners because it has so many different options to choose from at an inexpensive price. This is a great way to create the look of more expensive materials without losing the natural, authentic look.

Great for patios, driveways, pool decks, and more!

At Mandela Concrete we help our clients come up with the best design for their desires including colors, patterns, and boarders that fit your unique personality and characteristics of your home or business.

Sidewalks, Patios & Driveways

Sidewalks, Patios & Driveways

Choose Mandela Concrete for your flatwork

Keep more dirt out of your home or business with a walkway. Make sure your car stays clean by getting that gravel road paved. Need a place to relax outdoors? Get that patio set you have been dreaming of.

Mandela Concrete can help!

We specialize in all flatwork for your home or business. It doesn't matter if your home or office is new or old, we can create the foundation for you.

Call today to get started!

Residential & Commerial Foundations

Residential & Commerial Foundations

The Concrete Professionals

Commercial services are what our corporation is founded upon-and we consistently produce quality projects that are on-budget and on-schedule.

Mandela Concrete has experience with floor construction, application of surface treatments, and silica fume concrete, and also with operating the necessary machinery and equipment needed for the job.

Additionally, we have experience in the construction of reinforced floors using synthetic and steel fibers.

Commercial projects include:

- Warehouse Floors
- Parking Lots
- Sidewalks
- Curbing
- Other Miscellaneous Exterior Pads